The duties of The Iluka Homeowners Association are discharged by a committee of local residents who donate their time and skills to ensure that the high standards and quality of life we enjoy and have come to expect from the suburb of Iluka continues into the future.

The Committee is elected at an Annual General Meeting and all residents of Iluka are eligible to nominate themselves for election to the committee which is made up of a minimum of 8 positions as follows:

  • Chairperson
    The duties of the Chairperson involve chairing the monthly meetings and AGM along with providing a point of contact for the City of Joondalup with regard to issues concerning Iluka and representing Iluka at various City of Joondalup civic events. 
  • Vice-Chairperson
    The Vice-Chairperson provides assistance to the Chairperson as required and may chair committee meetings or attend various events and council meetings in the Chairpersons absence. 
  • Landscaping/Maintenance Liaison
    One or more committee members liaise with the City of Joondalup and the Contractor to maintain the standards in Iluka. This position is ideal for one or more individuals who have an interest in gardening and who would like to influence the landscaping for the whole suburb. 
  • Secretary
    This position primarily involves taking down and distributing the minutes of the monthly committee meetings and dealing with correspondence. 
  • Treasurer
    The role of Treasurer involves some simple book-keeping tasks, payment of bills and depositing membership fees (most of which are paid by direct debit).
    The Treasurer also reports the state of the Association’s finances at the AGM. 
  • Ordinary Members
    Three or more other members typically assist with a variety of tasks depending upon their interests and availability. These tasks range from organising various community events, assisting executive committee members as required, representing the interests of the suburb to Council and other stakeholders, through to active involvement in council focus groups and committees (eg: Ocean Reef Marina Focus group & the City of Joondalup Crime Prevention Strategy advisory committee)

When contacting the committee, please keep in mind that committee members are volunteers who have the same type of work and personal commitments as any other person. As such the capacity to take ownership of and manage resident’s issues on their behalf is limited. 

As is the case with every community issue, residents have a responsibility to assist in the resolution of issues which concern them.

Joining the Committee

With sufficient committee members, none of the above tasks are very time consuming and can be very rewarding, providing interesting insights into the workings of local Government. Committee membership allows you to have a direct say in how YOUR rates and SAR contributions are spent. If you have ever wanted to have a say in how Iluka is maintained and to help influence local government policy in the suburb then this is an ideal opportunity to do so.

If you are interested in joining the committee you can do so by:

  • Attending and nominating at the Annual General Meeting either in person or via proxy; or
  • At any time by contacting the committee by email or attending one of the monthly meetings.