All residents of Iluka are required to be members of the Iluka Home Owners association and each property has a Caveat placed over it. A Caveat is warning recorded on a Certificate of Title which indicates that another party (the caveator) claims an interest in the land. In this case the caveator is the Iluka Home Owners Association for the purposes of ensuring compliance with the Covenants.

When a property is purchased in Iluka, the Buyer is required to sign the Membership Application form and ensure that their Settlement agent pays the Iluka Homeowners Association the $110 one off membership fee.

Should your lending institution require the existing caveat to be lifted and re-lodged before refinancing can be processed, please contact CWS Lawyers. In some circumstances, the lender may not require the caveat to lifted and re-lodged but will accept a letter from the committee confirming that we have no financial claim over the property. If this applies to you then please advise the lender to contact the committee.

For further information about caveats, contact CWS Lawyers:

  • Phone:  (08) 6210 7070
  • Postal Address:  PO Box Z5084 Perth WA 6831
  • Email:

Note that there are some statutory costs and fees associated with processing a caveat. Please check with your settlement agent for details.